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Environmental Solutions
Magna Metals, S.A.

Environmental Solutions


Due to the increasing need to manage the metal waste generated by the companies, Magna Metals emerges as an expert company in finding solutions to avoid the loss of time, money and other resources in the process of recycling them.

As a company we are committed to:

  • Identify the waste generated.
  • Locate and manage the transportation of every different material safely and effectively.
  • Ensure the final valorization of all waste through authorized life-end companies.
  • To contribute with our know-how and experience in the waste market to the service of our clients.
Waste life cicle


Thanks to our experience in the recycling sector and semifinished metals, we are fully aware of the waste life cycle, starting from its acquisition and production until the end of its useful life.

Therefore we can say that we cover most of the phases through a product passes, knowledge that results in a greater efficiency, simplicity and speed when dealing with the waste generated and getting it recycled.

Waste life cicle


We believe that collaboration between companies must be based on trust, essential for an effective and safe management and recovery process.

That is why we offer our clients values that strengthen their production process by providing:

  • Magna Metals, S.A. Experience in the waste and metals market.
  • Magna Metals, S.A. Global network of customers and suppliers.
  • Magna Metals, S.A. Management of environmental procedures directly through the government of each country.
  • Magna Metals, S.A. Understanding individual needsin each case.
  • Magna Metals, S.A. Rapid reaction and flexibility in the market.